ACF – July 2, 2019


Weighted Pull Up:We don’t do these all that often so you may find some experimenting with weight going on which is fine. Goal is to have successful work sets so back off on the loading if needed. For developing pulling power you can do strict pull ups or even use a band. Just avoid any kipping. Rest 2-3 min between each work set and keep that range of motion legit.

Optional Accessory:

8 Rounds On the 1 Min
5 Box Jump (30/24″ or higher)
5 Strict T2B

Having this on the min will have some kind of conditioning element to it but it’s also a great way to work some skill and strength. Box jump can be rebounded or stepped down. Focus should be on explosive power so add height to the box if you like. If you don’t have strict T2B keep the movement strict for today and see if you can do a hanging leg or knee raise as high as you can to develop capacity there.

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