ACF – July 25, 2019

As part of Hero Month, our Legends member Barbara Riley asked to share the bio of her own Hero and first husband. We would like to dedicate today’s WOD to his memory.

Chief Warrant Officer Marvin Wagner
Marvin was shot down over Pleiku, Vietman on July 21, 1970. He was piloting a Bell Ranger helicopter doing reconnaissance for the Army for Troop A 7th Squadron 17th Cavalry when he was shot down by enemy fire. He was 23 years old. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross and Oakleaf Cluster, Bronze Star Medal and Oakleaf Cluster, the Air Medal and 11 Oakleaf Clusters and a Purple Heart.
He left behind a wife, Barbara and 7 month old daughter Stacey.


Mixed Modality:
Take note of the “casual pace”. I know you all too well so make sure you keep it that way. These are great to work on recovery, movement patterns, and skill. Take the time to use the workout for what it’s written for.

Optional Accessory:

2 min Hang from a pull up bar
Goal: Don’t exceed 6 Drops
Notes: Each time you drop complete 10 Cal on the Bike or 10 Burpees

If you are a ninja at this try adding some time to the hang. Regardless make sure to not exceed 6 drops. Your choice on the bike or burpees. You can crank on these and push the pace or use it as a pace so you can get a longer hang on the next effort.

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