ACF – July 29, 2019


Possible EMOM???
You get the idea with these. Yes, they will be challenging, but possible. If you need to back off from the start or even during the workout no stress. You will still get fit and it’s a great way to change things up and push yourself a bit.

Simple movements but you should be looking to have around :15 sec to rest after the swings and burpees box jump over. If you need to adjust the reps or loading to accomplish this please do. Don’t feel like the swings have to be unbroken either. A better strategy for some may be to break them up into two sets from the start.

Optional Accessory:

8 Rounds
:20 sec Double KB Front rack hold (heavy)
:20 sec Side Plank (alternate sides each side.

Keep the kb’s in the front rack and don’t rest them on your shoulders.

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