ACF – June 12, 2019


Back to Back AMRAP’s:

1: Relatively low reps here so let’s try to keep that barbell cycling and the climbs consistent. Weight is something that should allow for that so adjust accordingly if needed. The rope climbs will slow you down a bit but work on keeping those elbows bent with short choppy pulls for the legless variation. Feel free to use your feet if needed.

2: Little buy in with the doubles but they shouldn’t take you much more than :90 sec to 2 min at the very most. DB is light so work on cycling this as well and quick transitions to the other hand. Make sure to bend those knees so you can save your back with the pull off the floor.

3: Just the bike for 1 min. Get after it and try to dig in here so there’s nothing left in the tank. If you don’t have a bike you are welcome to sub our a row.

Optional Accessory:


2 miles with a strong effort here. Don’t stress about a PR but we do want you to push the pace on this one so get good and warm for it if you plan on doing it. Try wearing a watch and seeing how consistent you can keep your pace on the second mile.


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