ACF – June 13, 2019



A simple one but a burner with a bit of a “Jackie” vibe. The row should be paced but also trust that fitness and don’t delay. For most of us breaking early on the CTB is going to be a good idea to control the heart rate and keep the sets legit while avoiding muscular failure. Dig in on those thrusters. As usual I’m a big fan of the descending rep schemes. 12-10-8 gets you to 30 reps in no time. Just don’t delay getting on that barbell and if you feel good get in some bigger sets. Adjust loading and take the reps down to meet the goal time if needed.

Optional Accessory:

Single Leg Deadlift
3 x 10/leg
Hang Muscle Clean
3 x 10

Feel free to superset these movements if you like. Sets should not be to failure but challenging and successful. Rest as needed between sets but no more than 4 min.


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