ACF – June 21, 2019


On the 2 min:

Loading is light for this so feel free to adjust as you like throughout the workout but the set of 3,4,5 should all be without putting the barbell down. The single unders between rounds are there to keep your heart rate up as well as help you work on position for your doubles as well since they both apply. If you want to push the pace here get after it on the singles. Regardless, you may be surprised at how challenging this can become over the course of the workout. Who thought singles could get so tough!


Box Jump:

Box Jump for height
5 x 5
Notes: Rest 2 min between sets

Some fun explosive work to finish off the week. Treat this just like a heavy day and take the listed rest between each set. These do not need to be done with a rebound. I would suggest stepping off the box after each rep.

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