ACF – June 27, 2019

Notes:1 of our benchmarks of the Icon 8! All reasonable reps which should force you to keep moving through this one and keep a high pace. All movements should be unbroken on this one and pacing will be key. Make sure to take the time to lock those feet well on the rope so you can save the grip for the deads and catch your breath a bit from the box jumps.

Optional Accessory:

3 Rounds
100′ Sled Drag
100′ Rear Facing Sled Drag
100′ Arms Extended OH Sled Drag
Notes: Rest 3 min between rounds.

Allll the sled work. Some fun variations where you can choose the loading. Feel free to swap it out for each variation of the drag or just keep it the same. The rear facing sled drag will be the most spicy with the quad burn and the others should keep you moving. Loading should be something that you can still walk heel to toe with.


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