ACF – June 28, 2019


5 Rounder: Some heavier loading with a bit of challenging weight. Push the pace on the run but be mindful so you can get on the barbell for the snatch right away. Loading is something that should require you to do singles but with confidence. For the muscle up beaking them up from the start to keep moving is a good idea. Sets of 2 or 3 but try to avoid singles if possible.

Optional Accessory:

3-4 Rounds for Quality
:20 sec Handstand Hold
15 Russian KB Swing (53/35)
10 GHD Sit Up to Parallel
Notes: Rest as needed between rounds.

Some skill work blended in with midline work here. Try to do the handstand hold in the open floor if possible. If not, no stress. Using the wall for the same amount of time is fine. Banded swing requires you to be more aggressive in both how you stand up as well as keeping your chest tall in the return. This will want to pull you out of position so be ready for it. Keep those GHD sit ups to parallel for today to save the low back. You will still get the stimulus we are looking for.

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