ACF – June 4, 2019


“The Mule”

Love the mix of movements in this workout. Loading on the bar is on the heavier side but is something that you should be able to get all rounds done in no more than 3 sets. Make sure to keep that back in check. Burpee Pull Up is easy to slow on the pace so stay on top of it here. Ideally you are jumping to a bar that is roughly 7.5’ high. You can jump into the pull up or start from a dead hang if needed. Neither is right on wrong.

Optional Accessory:

3 Rounds on the 2 min
50 Double Under
10 T2B

Great time to work on some skill with the doubles in keeping position and stringing the T2B together with the kip swing. Ideally you should have around :30-:45 seconds to rest before the start of the next round. Take the reps back if needed in order to do so.

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