ACF – March 15, 2019

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS 5:00pm!! Get it 🔥



Your speed on the first couplet is going to dictate much of what you are capable of in the second but this is still going to be a tiebreak time so don’t hold back. If you can do the snatches unbroken that is ideal. If not try not to break them into more than 2 sets. Muscle snatch variation is faster but will be more taxing on the shoulders for the additional movements so this boils down to personal preference. Otherwise a minimal drop under the bar with a power variation is a great idea. Take note of that burpee standard. From what I read stepping up is allowed! This will control your heart rate but it will be a bit slower. Set micro goals here and keep a consistent but strong pace so you can get immediately back on the barbell. The 3 min rest should have you moving around and stretching out your forearms. Avoid just doing the bacon sizzle on the ground and try to flush our your arms so you have some grip coming back for the bar mu. Same rules as the snatch here. Some of you will be able to go unbroken, others should be trying to do this in no more than 2 sets, and if this is a workout where you are trying to get your first bar mu be smart. Regardless focusing on hips to the bar will help you get that height and turn over you are looking for. Burpees on the second couplet should have the same approach but go for it on that last round!

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