ACF – March 27, 2019


Assessment 4:

Finding your 1 RM snatch for the day. If you have just recently done this don’t be stressing about the result today. You have a few options here. Go for it again and just find a heavy for the day and let it be what it is. Be smart and focus on quality of movement. This should be a clean lift.

Assessment 5:

Ahhh the stamina test. Both a physical and mental challenge. This is a set of unbroken, consecutive wall ball. This means that you can not rest holding the medball without doing the movement. There have been some variations out there that imply if you don’t put the ball down it’s unbroken but we are looking for consistent movement here. Get that heart rate up before jumping in on this one and dig in. If you miss a few reps don’t stress, try to dial things back in and get the height on the ball necessary to keep your reps counting.

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