ACF – March 28, 2019


Assessment 6:

This is all about mobility and you are going to have to hold yourself accountable on this one. The goal is all the points of performance that are required for a quality overhead squat. If you need to video yourself for this or have an honest friend tell you how you are doing I would suggest it. The position is active and should not be passive with you completely bottomed out in the squat. Take note of when to stop in the notes if you make it there!

Assessment 7:

Very much like the MU the other day there are other options for us to check that pressing power.

Use whichever variation makes the most sense for you and don’t use your neck as a shock absorber to get a few more reps. We want you moving safely and efficiently on these.

“Helen” variation:

This one is a great way to get in a challenging conditioning piece but not beat yourself up. If you don’t think you can finish the interval in time try shortening the run or lowering the weight on the swing but see if you can keep the reps the same. Hustle on that run and trust in your fitness and recovery.

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