ACF – March 4, 2019


Overhead Squat:

Leading the training session with some heavy OHS. 15-20 min to build up and find a heavy set of 3. Goal should be no failed sets and the barbell should start empty. Take the time to do some good warm up sets with lighter weight before getting into the sets of 3 with bigger jumps.


Great workout in a bit of a chipper format with some higher rep work. Doubles are a good entry to get the heart rate up but sub out singles if needed. Keeping the reps the same if fine. Work to have a bit bigger opening set for the pull ups but keep the reps broken up so you avoid too much fatigue, especially for the shoulders with the OHS. OHS is a touch on the heavier side depending on the track but regardless, you should be able to get these done in no more than 3 sets with a short break between. Making the way back up the chipper and you may have to break things up a bit more but fight to keep that pace. If you are concerned about meeting the time domain try the following rep scheme (75-35-20-35-70) and keep the weight the same to change things up.

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