ACF – March 5, 2019


7 min:

Short one that is going to be a burner. Lots of DB snatches here but at the start of each min you have 5 burpees. Work to keep these quick but the db snatch should have an element of pacing to it. Try setting a goal of 8, 10, 15 reps, etc for each min and see if you can hang onto it. Knowing what your goal is will be helpful for you to get to the final goal rep range and keep you paced properly from the beginning. Great workout to learn pacing and trust in your fitness. Adjust the loading as needed in order to get to that goal of 70 total reps.

Handstand Practice:
Handstand Walk/Hold Practice is exactly that. Wherever you are along the spectrum here find a challenging piece to work on that allows for good position. We have some videos in the vault for you if you need some suggestions but getting inverted in one way or another is the idea as long as you can do it safely. This could range from static holds, to walks, or even some obstacle courses if you’re a ninja at them.

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