ACF – May 13, 2019



Lots of shoulders in this one with some heavier load. Keep in mind that once you get through that first round you are just about half way done with the workout. Work to drive yourself under the bar on the push jerk to save your shoulders. The push jerk should be done in no more than 2-3 sets for the first round. Same for the wall ball and this would be intentional pacing. Many of you may be able to do bigger sets than this but be smart so it doesn’t catch up to you too much. Lower the weight on both the barbell and medball if needed in order to meet the goal time domain but keep the reps the same.


3 Rounds

50 ‘ Plate suitcase Carry (right)

50’  Plate Suitcase Carry (left)

50’ OH plate carry

Have fun with this one and see if you can choose a weight that allows you to keep moving without putting the weight down the entire time. Great test for grip strength.


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