ACF – May 14, 2019



Some lunging and pulling! Lunges will have the weight stay the same across all rounds with the weight but the pull variation will be getting more difficult as the reps descend. Lunge should be something that you can do unbroken for at least the first round and in no more than 2 sets any later in the workout. Gymnastics pulling variation will require some pacing, especially once you get Into the muscle ups. Goal is to not go to failure and keep your rests between each set short. Focus on bringing your hips to the bar or rings on the muscle up and keep those elbows bent with short/choppy pulls on the legless rope climbs. If you don’t think you can get to the rower with more than a min to work adjust the loading or the rep scheme on the gymnastics pulling so you can.


If you have a handstand walk try challenging yourself with some small turns or building a fun course to navigate. If you don’t have them yet or are working to build some capacity here you can try some of the scaling options or work on static holds.

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