ACF – May 16, 2019



Some descending reps here with DB Buprees, T2B, and DU. The DB Buprees are obviously not going overhead. Make sure to do your best to flatten that back out before standing up with the dumbbells. If you can get even a small jump off the floor great. If not, you can just stand tall like the top of a deadlift. T2B will have your grip a bit taxed but you should still be able to do these in no more than 2-3 sets for any round. Keep those shoulders relaxed and try to get big sets on the DU’s to keep moving. If you’re not sure about making the goal time domain lower the weight OR you can keep it and take off the first round.

Optional Accessory:

Tabata KB Front Rack Carry

8 Rounds: :20 sec work / :10 sec rest

Athlete chooses the weight

Fun one with some static holds. Do your best to not let the KBs rest on top of your shoulders but keep them in a true front rack position.

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