ACF – May 20, 2019



Lower rep ranges and a shorter workout which should mean some fast turn around time here. Deadlift weight should be something that you can always do unbroken as well as the goblet box step up. This is done with just one KB or DB held on your chest so the weight is relatively light. Push the pace a bit on the burpees but be smart to keep moving from one movement to the next. If you need to lower the weight on the DL in order to meet the goal time domain please do but keep the reps the same for the rest of the workout

Accessory Work:

3 Rounds
50 Double Under
50′ Waiters Walk (right)
50′ Waiters Walk (left)
Notes: Rest :90 sec between rounds

No penalty if you don’t do the du’s unbroken but that’s the goal here. With the added in rest you have a good shot to work on this. You choose the weight on the waiters walk and do something that allows you to get the entire length unbroken.



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