ACF – May 22, 2019

Congratulations Jenna! So proud of you!


The Admiral”

Classic “hero” workout and a little something for all of us. The burpee pull ups tend to feel slow so don’t stress if this is the case but work to keep a consistent pace and keep moving on them. Front squat should be something you can do in no more than 2, 3 sets at the absolute max. Smart and steady pacing on the box jump as it’s going to keep that heart rate high and add some fatigue to the legs. Dig in on this one and take the reps to 15 of each if needed in order to get the goal time domain.

Optional Accessory:

Superset Hollow Rock and Static Hold at top of Hip Extension
3 x :20 sec/movement
Notes: Rest 1 min between rounds

Some static holds to help with midline strength. You will be working both anterior (front half) and posterior (back half) of your midline with this one. Superset means go from one right into the next but with the min rest between rounds you should be able to keep this up. May get a bit spicy on that last round.

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