ACF – May 30, 2019


Buy In/Cash Out:

No barbell here but you have some heavy DB’s to work with. The 3 rounder starts and finishes with a 400 meter run Buy In and a 400 meter run Cash Out. Push the pace on these, especially that last one! The 3 rounds betweens have you able to get the squatting work done in no more than 2 sets on any round. Although you may not want to put that weight down once you get it organized and set on your shoulders. Box jumps are on the higher side and legs will be fatigued so make sure to jump high on these so you don’t clip your shins. Workout will be a nice break on the shoulders as well 😁

Accessory BB Cycling:


3 Rounds on the 2 min
10 Hang Power Clean
Athlete chooses the weight but each set should be unbroken

Working on barbell cycling here with a bit of a time element. You should be focusing on the pull under the barbell as well as your receiving position to create good habits. Try to not let the barbell go any lower than mid thigh to have fast and efficient cycling. Adjust loading in order to get all 10 reps unbroken.

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