ACF – November 1, 2018

Workout of the Day

As Far As Possible in 12 min

Double KB or DB Front Rack Carry (53’s/35’s)

Notes: every 100 meters do 7 Double KB Swing to your waist

Strict T2B

3 x 10

Workout Notes:

Such a great piece of the Grunt Work side of training. Carry is in the front rack and swings are Russian. This is a true test of grip, posterior chain, and mental toughness. Stick with it and see how far you can get. I would suggest resting just enough to make sure you can walk the entire distance without putting the weight down more than one time. Use lighter weight if needed in order to make this happen.

Strict T2B:

Even if you don’t have this movement strict there is great value to working toward them at lower ranges of motion. Trying to get your legs into an “L” position or just a touch higher. This, coupled with working to press down on the bar hard is a great way to help build strength for the full movement.

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