ACF – November 12, 2018

Hang Squat Snatch

20 min to build up to a heavy single

4 Rounds

3 Hang Squat Snatch (185/135)

15 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20)

Goal: Sub 15 min

Workout Notes:


Mixing in some more “heavy and then” work for this week. 20 min to find a heavy hang squat snatch for today. Don’t stress if this ins’t a PR but if you feel good feel free to go for it. Again, mechanics and bar speed come first and the loading should follow.

4 Rounder:

Some heavier barbell work that will have to be managed with the shoulder fatigue you may face with the gymnastics movement. This is definitely on the heavier side for the hang squat snatch but you should still be able to finish these within a minute. Singles are fine if you are keeping position and mechanics are in check. Keep a strong pace with the burpee box jump. Same here, work to get these done in under a min to :90 sec and get back on that bar quick and with confidence. Modify the weight as needed and take the burpee box jump over down to 10’s if necessary to keep moving.

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