ACF – November 16, 2018

Workout of the Day

1-2-3… up to 10

Clean and Jerk (155/105)

after each round of clean and jerks do 1 Round “Cindy” (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats)

Goal: Sub 20 min

Workout Notes:

Such a great workout with blends of movements and a good challenge. Depending on the type of athlete you are, you will have to pace out either the round of “Cindy”, or the Clean and Jerks. The goal is to still move thorough the work with a strong pace but ideally you don’t go to failure on anything. The clean and jerks are most likely going to be most efficient in the long run with quick singles. For some of us the push ups are something we should break up earlier on. Either way have fun with this one and get after it. If you need to modify at all to meet the goal time try some lighter weight on the bar.

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