ACF – November 2, 2018

Workout of the Day

5 Rounds

3 OHS (205/145)

5 Back Squat (205/145)

12 Box Jump Over (24″/20″)

Goal: Sub 16 min

Notes: barbell comes from a rack

Not For Time

200 Seated Band Leg Curl

200 Seated Calf Raise

Workout Notes:

5 Rounder:

Loving this one. The bar comes from a rack and the main focus I want you to be thinking of is your ability to re rack that OHS. If you are not comfortable with that PLEASE use lighter weight or drop the bar, then clean it up to re rack it. Yes, I would rather this than you not being comfortable lowering the weight. If you are experienced with this feel free to do it. The back squat should be challenging but feel much lighter than the OHS and those box jump overs are going to get the legs pumped up even more so making sure you pace them somewhat is going to be key to you keeping moving.

Adjust the weight as needed to move through this safely and efficiently to meet the goal time domain.

Post Work:

This is a great way to keep those knees healthy. If you struggle with knee pain it could be a game changer. Try adding it in every day for the next week or 2 and see how they feel!

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