ACF – November 26, 2019

Front Squat:
Find a heavy set of 3 in 15min. The 15min should include all warm-up sets. Rest 2-3min between all sets. The lighter sets should require less rest. Once they get heavier they can take up to 3min if needed. The goal is to find a heavy set of 3 within 6-8 sets.

3 Rounder
This one is all about the fitness!! Push the pace and trusting in your fitness. You should be pushing hard on the bike but also being able to come off the bike and get right to work on the BB. See if you can challenge yourself to go unbroken on the thruster but if you have to break it up no more than 3 sets for any round. Focus on keeping a tall torso and elbows high to keep thrusters efficient. If a bike isn’t available you can sub out a rower for the same amount of calories or a 400m run. The goal is sub 10min.

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