ACF – November 3, 2019


Push Press:
Finding a heavy single within 15 min today before the 3 rounder. Try to get some good warm up sets in with lighter weight and multiple reps earlier in the 15 min window. By the time the clock hits the 8 min mark you can go to singles and have longer rests to see what you’ve got for the day!

3 Rounder:
Some complimentary movements to keep you moving but you will feel some interference throughout. Fight to keep that push press exactly that and not drop under the bar turning it into a push jerk. Adjust the loading if needed. Regardless you should be able to complete the push press and muscle up in no more than 2 sets. Adjust the reps if needed to do so. Push the pace on the row, trust that fitness, and maximize the kip on the muscle up to save your shoulders.

Optional Accessory:
Grunt Work:

3 x 100’ sled pull

3 x 50’ Sandbag Zercher Carry


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