ACF – November 5, 2019


One time through with some higher rep work. Be smart with the wall ball but not too conservative. Try to get some bigger sets done or a descending reps scheme to accumulate that 100 reps. 15/10/15/10 will get you to the 50 mark quickly or you can do that after some bigger sets. Clean and jerk is on the lighter side so you should be able to touch and go this weight but by the time you get there it may be smarter to be doing quick singles. Stay close to that bar and stay on it. Finishing off with a breather for the burpee T2B. Choose a bar that you have to jump to and get a true hang from if possible. These will feel a bit slow so stay on top of your pace here.

Optional Accessory:

  • 3 Rounds for Quality
  • Min 1: Moderate Pace Bike or Row
  • Min 2: 15 Double KB Swing

Use this as a way to get in some recovery and posterior chain accessory work from the chipper. This is not intended to have much intensity. Just there to keep you moving and flush out the system a bit while strengthening the back half. You choose the weight on the swings. You should be able to do the set of 15 unbroken so if 2 kb’s is too much just swing one heavier one.

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