ACF – November 7, 2018

Workout of the Day

Snatch x 2

On the 2 min x 14 min

BTN Snatch Grip Press

3 x 10

Workout Notes:


On the 2 min for 14 min. Make sure to get in some good warm up sets before jumping in on the work sets. Each work set should have you working with challenging weight but feel free to adjust and fluctuate the weight as needed on each set. I would encourage you to drop the weight between each rep so you can work the pull off the floor.

BTN Snatch Grip Press:

For many of us these are super tough due to mobility or just the uncommon position. Be smart and use a loading that allows you to perform the reps well with good position and have the weight follow. Rest no more than 3 min between each work set.

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