ACF – October 10, 2018

Workout of the Day

Clean and Jerk


AMRAP 5 min

10 Single Leg DB Deadlift/side

10 Single Arm DB Row/side

Notes: This should be done for accessory work and not for “rounds”

WOD Notes

Clean and Jerk:

5 x 1 today so make sure to get good and warm, work position, and have things dialed in as you go into your work sets. These should all be challenging but make it a goal today for no failed lifts. Adjust loading as needed to accomplish this and be confident with the weight and quick with the foot position.

Post Work:

This is not for time. Adjust loading as needed for the unilateral work and try to choose something challenging but that you can do unbroken each round. Move with purpose and move well rather than treating it like a typical AMRAP at intensity.

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