ACF – October 10, 2019


Optional Workout:
3 Rounder
This is set up as an interval today. The :90 sec of work should be a faster pace since you know you will have :30 sec of rest. That’s going to go quick so still be smart. When you finish the rest segment you can start right where you left off. Continue till you have completed all 3 rounds.

Optional Accessory:

  • 3 Rounds
  • 100′ Farmers Carry
  • 200 meter Sled Drag
  • Notes: Athlete Chooses the weight. Should be moderately heavy on the famers carry but done unbroken. Sled should be light and for active recovery.

Little bit of grunt work with the sled pull and carries. Take a look at the notes so you can have the right approach to the workout. If you don’t have a sled try swapping out a banded glute march for about 2-3 min. You can also do a run with a plate or medball if you like.


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