ACF – October 15, 2019


“Cameron” U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Junior Grade Thomas Cameron, 24, of Portland, Oregon, in training at the Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Alabama, died on February 28, 2012, when his unit’s helicopter crashed into Mobile Bay in the Gulf of Mexico during a training mission. He is survived by his parents Bette and John, and brother Alex. No barbell in this one. Rep schemes are all reasonable as well so push the pace but avoid going to muscular failure on any movement. Yes, you also see TRIPLE UNDERS in here. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself a bit here and get some practice in with some warm up reps before starting the workout. See if you can stick with them even it it’s singles for today. Workout has back extensions listed but I encourage you to do a true “hip extension” just like you would in the filthy 50. Keep the 2 for 1 honest and be quick with that squat!

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