ACF – October 16, 2018

Workout of the Day

5 Rounds on the 2 min

200 meter run

10 Thruster (115/75)

Goal: Completion

Rest 5 min

5 Rounds on the 2 min

20/17 Cal Row

10 T2B

WOD Notes

On the 2 min:

This is going to be one you have to fight for. Goal should be to have about :20-:30 seconds to rest before heading back out the door for the run. If you can’t do that with the listed weight back off to something you think you can. Sets should be unbroken due listed weight and rep schemes. 5 min Rest and you are off to another one with some different movements. Same rules apply with the suggested rest between each interval. Modify with 2 less reps on each movement if needed.

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