ACF – October 17, 2018

Workout of the Day

For Time

100 Box Jump Over (24/20)

Notes: Each min stop and do 5 Deadlift (315/225)

Goal: Don’t exceed any more than 40 deads

Workout Notes:

Box Jump Over/Deadlift:

This is going to be a leg and lung burner. Work hard to keep a consistent pace on the box jump over and choose a weight that you can always do 5 with on the deadlift but still a challenging weight. Start with the dead and continue to do them at the start of each min. Feel free to belt up if you like but this should also be a weight that you don’t need it for. Goal is to not exceed a total number of 40-45 deadlifts so this should be a shorter workout for you. Adjust loading if needed and if you aren’t used to the volume on the box jump over take the reps down to 75.

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