ACF – October 2, 2019


Assessment 4:
1 RM Snatch:
Third day in a row of training so take this with a grain of salt. Build up and find your max for the day. Go in confident, get warm, dial in technique with drills and lighter loading and get it done. Setting up something like an EMOM can be a great way to take the stress off as well and many times we see people hitting PR’s in these settings due to the less thinking and more moving approach. Totally up to you today.

Assessment 6:
Max Unbroken Wall Ball:
SUCH a great test of stamina and conditioning regardless of our height and weight.  If it’s helpful get your set up dialed in the warm up and mark your foot position on the floor so you know what works well when starting. Brining your hands back to your chest as the ball is in the air can help with shoulder fatigue but requires more strength in the squat and solid timing. Keep that breathing calm and in control to start. Dig in as you get to the higher reps.

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