ACF – October 21, 2019


No barbell and all lungs! This is going to be a test of conditioning and recovery. The reps may feel reasonable to start but could catch up. If you are still feeling good at the 15 min mark try adding 1 rep to each movement and see if you can finish with 5 more than the original starting rep. If not, no stress. Stay there or even back off a rep or two if needed. It’s ok to have the work take the majority of the minute toward the end of the workout.

Optional Accessory:  3 Rounds

  • 100′ Sled Drag w/ Sandbag Zercher Carry
  • Notes: Rest :90 sec between carries. Choose a weight you can do the carry with unbroken.

Grunt Work/Carry:
Shoot for :30-:45 seconds.

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