ACF – October 22, 2019


Shoulder heavy workout so stability is going to be key on the lunges and smooth reps on the snatches. Weight should be something you should be able to move well and efficiently. I would suggest breaking up the CTB early on to save the grip and shoulders a bit as well as keep the HR down. Sub out a single arm DB oh walking lunge if needed so you can keep position in check and lower the ctb pull up reps if needed to meet the goal rounds.

Optional Accessory:

  • EMOM 10 min
  • Min 1: Row 300/250meters
  • Min 2: Rest

Some row sprints to finish things off today if you choose. For those that are confident with rowing this may feel a bit “easy” but for many this is a challenging pace. To hit the 300 meters in 1 min you will need to row roughly a 1:45 pace so this will require a push and some solid recovery. If you start falling off the total meters don’t stress. Just make it a 1 min effort sprint and see how close you can get to 300/250 meters.



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