ACF – October 23, 2019


4 Rounder:
This has a 4 min on and 3 min off structure. Clock starts and you begin the workout. Once the clock hits 4 min you rest for 3 min. Continue where you left off and keep this structure till you finish 4 rounds of the workout. This makes it more of an interval based workout so push the pace during that 4 min effort. Adjust loading on the hang squat clean as needed but you should be able to complete the reps in no more than 2 sets. Same for the wall ball, push the pace on the rower.

Optional Accessory:

  • Russian Twist 3 x 20
  • Hip Extension 3 x 10 (add weight if needed)

Some midline work to finish things off. Athlete chooses the weight and keep it light to start if you have never loaded up these before.

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