ACF – October 29, 2019


“Kelly” Hitting up a benchmark for the week. This workout is such an awesome test of stamina and conditioning. Breaking things up from the start is a good way to go about it unless this is total wheelhouse. 3 quick sets of 10 or 2 sets of 15 on the wall ball and a steady pace on the box jump if you plan on doing all the reps. Adjust accordingly in order to meet the goal time domain and try to continue to push the pace on the runs and find a strong but steady pace.
Optional Accessory:
Accumulate the following FOR QUALITY

  • 1o Rope Climb
  • 20 Turkish Sit Up/side
  • Notes: Break Reps up in any order you want

This is one set for quality. If you would like to break this up you can but try not to break things into any more than 3 sets. The Turkish sit ups are great for both shoulder stability and midline strength.

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