ACF – October 30, 2018

Workout of the Day

Back to Back AMRAP’s

AMRAP 8 min

Run 1 mile

w/ remaining time do max rep deadlift (315/225)

Run 1 mile

w/ remaining time do max rep front squat (95/65)

Run 1 mile

w/ remaing time do max rep bar facing burpee

Workout Notes:


For each one of these we are looking to really push the pace on the run. You should be having at least 1 min to work on each one of the movements for each AMRAP. If you don’t think you can meet that requirement take the distance down to 1200 meters or even 800 meters for each run depending on what your running is like. The difficult piece is going to be keeping that pace since these are back to back. Think of it as a 3 mile run pace that is roughly 90%. The work on the barbell and the burpees should be strong and steady but I’m not stressed on necessarily how many reps you are getting here. Just dig in and get to work. This is a great work to learn pacing so take advantage of it.

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