ACF – October 7, 2019


Such a classic and tough workout if you really get after it. Try to find an area that allows you to do the shuttle run in 50 meter increments. Even if you need to take that barbell outside. Loading is light so you should be able to get all 10 in a row on the first round if not all of them. Push the pace on that run and go or it.

Optional Accessory:

  • 3 Rounds for Quality
  • 50′ Waiters Walk (right)
  • 10 Standing Tea pot (right)
  • 50′ Waiters Walk (left)
  • 10 Standing Tea pot (left)
  • Notes: Rest 1-3 min between rounds. Athlete chooses the weight but it shouldb be something you can walk 50′ with unbroken.

Carries should be challenging but something you can do unbroken. The waiters walk will most likely be the limiting factor with the OH mobility playing a role. This is for quality so take note of the rest between rounds and goals.

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