ACF – October 9, 2019


This one is a real treat and something that will require some pacing and mental toughness. The rounds of “Cindy” should be steady and strong but something that allows you to get right on the barbell. I would break up the sets on “D.T” from the start. Do your 11 deadlift, 12th is the start of your hang power clean for 8, 9th hang power clean is the start of your shoulder to overhead, etc. Try to keep things consistent and if anything take the loading down on “D.T.” so you can keep a steady pace and meet the goal rounds.

Optional Accessory:

  • Ring Walk Out 3 x 10
  • Weighted Hip Extension 3 x 10
  • Notes: Finish with Accumulating 100 Band Good Morning

Some good midline work to finish things off. The ring walk out are tough so go to a range of motion that works for you. It may be limited but keep those arms straight and belly tight like a “hollow” position. You can break up the band good mornings however you want but try to keep some bigger sets going.

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