ACF – September 10, 2019


Spicy little bugger set up here for us today. The devil press isnt’ something we do all that often but we do have plenty of other movements that are a similar variation. These feel a bit slow and steady but will jack the heart rate up. You should be able to get to 9 with a steady pace and no more than 1 break in the alter rounds. Wall Ball are a lower rep scheme but over time will definitely have us breathing hard and feeling some shoulder fatigue so break them up if needed. I would suggest trying not to break more than twice on these as well. This is going to be a mental one since so much of the work is “doable” so dig in.

Optional Accessory:
For Quality:

  • For Quality
  • 12-9-6-3
  • T2B
  • Notes: 50′ Double OH KB or DB Carry after each set (53’s/35’s)

Don’t stress if the T2B aren’t unbroken but if you can string them together that would be ideal. Regardless they shouldn’t take anymore than 3 sets complete. OH Carry is going to be more challenging with the KB’s so if you want to keep some loading try a DB, easier to hold and may not cause as much over extension in the low back. Either way the 50’ should be done unbroken. Don’t worry about the clock but focus on quality of movement.

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