ACF – September 23, 2019


Heavy Day! Starting off the week with some Push Press. Descending reps with a higher rep range to start things off. There may be some guessing with the earlier weight but the goal should be near, but not too failure. Tough sets. If you under or over estimate don’t stress. As long as your within a rep or two you’re good to go. Rest no less than 2 min and no more than 4 between each set.

Accessory Lifts:
Some single arm work here that you can superset if you like. Movements should have loading that take the sets near failure each time. Adjust accordingly and rest as needed between exercises or supersets.

Optional Accessory:
Jump Rope Challenge!!!
This is our final week and if you’ve done the previous ones you should be seeing minimal soreness and have gained confidence. 20 min for your sustained effort, keep that rope spinning and have fun with any variation of singles that work well for you.

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