ACF – September 24, 2019


This one is a real treat! Simple couplet and the kb thruster is going to demand that upright torso and some confidence in the squat. Adjust loading as needed so you can be getting all 7 reps in a row. Quick and steady climbs with solid foot locks to save your grip and keep the breathing in check a bit. 2 min rest is going to go quick but don’t hold back on the first AMRAP. Trust in your recovery and get after the second one. See how close you can get in rounds to the first one.

Optional Accessory:

  • Sandbag Bearhug Carry 8 min (use a moderate weight)
  • Notes: Each time you drop the weight complete 3 ground to over shoulder before carrying again.

Simple carry with the sandbag. Some incentive not to drop it though with the 3 ground to over shoulder penalty. Sub out a double KB front rack carry if needed. Don’t stress too much on the distance but work on steady carries with distances of at least 150-200 feet or so.

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