ACF – September 28, 2018

Workout of the Day

Power Snatch + Squat Snatch

On the 2 min x 10 min

For Time:

“Isabel +”

30 Snatch (155/105)

Goal: Sub 10 mins

WOD Notes

Snatch Complex:

You pick the weight on this one today but the complex should be dictated by quality movement on the power snatch. Be smart here. You should be feeling your elbows snap to lock out and knees and feet in the right spot to do an ohs. Anything less than this is too heavy. Feel free to cycle the complex, or if you need to work on the pull off the deck you can drop it between.

Isabel +:

This is going to be about smart pacing and position for the entire workout. If you need to do a full squat as you fatigue fire away. This is where the quality position will come into play as you go from power to squat snatch. It should be seamless. Modify the weight to something lighter if needed in order to meet the goal time domain.

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