ACF – September 29, 2019


1 RM Back Squat:
This is going to be a great opportunity to see how some of the power lifting work has been helping us and we can see where we are which is hopefully some progress. Keep in mind I’m a firm believer that lots go into 1 RM days with previous training, sleep, outside stress, etc. If you’re within 10% of your best I think you’re right where we need to be. Warm up appropriately for this and do some different build up sets if it helps you with taking some stress off.

Flow Workout:
Simple workout that you should just work to get done. Adding in the vest is a fun way to change it up and actually slows us down a bit to keep the intensity down a bit. If you need to sub out the sled drag try a 400 meter run with a plate or medal. For the rest of it just cruise through and use this as a way to move and get your heart rate up but not crush yourself. “

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