ACF – September 3, 2019


Possible EMOM???
The deceiving medball clean! For those of you good at double unders that is going to be the place to catch your breath a bit. You’re going to have to push the pace on the MBC to get through them in the min. Keep the reps legit and if you fall off pace try going to 15 each min. The pull off the floor and leg work is going to effect the heavier deadlift as well so be ready for that. Breaking these into 2 sets from the start may be a smart call to help keep the heart rate down and avoid too much fatigue.

Jump Rope Challenge!!

Optional Accessory + Jump Rope Challenge!!

  • 5 min Jumping Rope, then…
  • 3 Rounds NOT for time
  • 10 Hip/Back Extension
  • 10 Banded Abmat Sit Up

This is week 1 of our challenge and we will be building up to a 20 min sustained effort by the end of the month. Harder than we think but It’s a great way to change things up and work on some simple skills and position that will help with carry over to our double under as well. Play around with the rope length and the type of rope that works well for you in the first week.

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