ACF – September 4, 2019


Heavy day for the week with some squat variations. Due to the order of the movements you will see the weight going down on the bar from movement to movement. See how you feel today and if you need to just keep the sets heavy across for each exercise that’s fine. Adjusting loading as you need and if you feel good you can go for a PR on the back squat or front squat. Not necessary though. The hack squat is a tricky movement so start off light here and make sure you can keep that back flat and not tuck your hips under losing midline stability.

Optional Accessory:

  • 3-4 Rounds
  • 15/13 Cal Row
  • 50′ Handstand Walk or :30 sec Static Hold
  • Notes: Rest 1 min between rounds.

Feel free to use a sandbag or d ball for the carries on this one. If you need to sub something out try a double KB front rack carry. Try resting no more than 2 min between each round.

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