ACF – September 6, 2019


Benchmark Friday!!
Going with Ringer 1 and 2 for this week. These are short bursts so push the pace on each one. The bike will take some pacing for many of us but don’t be afraid to just go for it bit and see what you’ve got. Stick with the time caps and adjust loading or reps a bit if needed in order to squeeze under the time caps. Find the movement that you feel you excel at in each one of these couplets and try to use it as a way to gather yourself mentally, push the pace, and stay focused on what you’re doing in the moment. Aside from the T2B work to get all reps unbroken.

Optional Accessory:

  • Kneeling Jump Up 5 x 5
  • Plyo Push Up 5 x 5
  • Notes: Superset Movements if you like.

Getting after some explosive work. You can superset these if you like or just stick with all one then the other. If you struggle with the kneeling jump up just choose a higher box jump. As long as your midline is in check during the push up you can add some plates to try to hop your hands onto. Just avoid what the mega kip if possible.

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