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ACF – February 18, 2019


Muscle Up/Swing:

LOTS of grip here. I would strongly suggest taping up for this or wearing grips if you have any concerns of tearing. Break up the muscle ups early on so you don’t have to worry about muscular failure in the later rounds. Sets of 2 to accomplish the work in each round is a great idea. KB is on the heavier side but still working getting the weight overhead. Rely on leg and hip drive to save your pull as best as possible. Take out the first round or two if needed in order to meet the goal time domain. You can also sub out a jumping or banded variation of the muscle ups if you like. If you have been doing this frequently try a chest to bar pull up, even a strict variation if you have them.

DRIVE SAFE…icy roads!! Heater’s on 👍🏻🔥

The 2019 Intramural Open

 The 2019 Intramural Open

The CrossFit Open is an annual competition that marks the start of the CrossFit Games season.

As a box, we compete in the Open each year.

This year, we will do things a little different. We’ll have our own competition called The Intramural Open.

The Intramural Open

The CrossFit Open is a Worldwide competition, while the Intramural Open is a GYMWIDE competition.

The Intramural Open is a chance to team up with friends at the box and compete for bragging rights in a fun, friendly supportive competition full of good times and camaraderie!

How it Works

You do NOT need to be signed up for the Open to compete in the Intramural Open. However, it is still encouraged for those who would like to take part (see me if you have questions) and you can register at You will still post your scores for the Open if you chose to sign up BUT your participation with your ACF family will be more important because it will help your team score points toward an in house victory!!

Intramural Open Registration

Sin up on the whiteboard or contact me directly by this Wednesday 2/20 before 4pm. Those who sign up (and I hope you all will) will be part of a random draft pick by our Team Captains Wednesday evening.

The Competition

The CrossFit Open consists of five workouts (one per week) revealed every Thursday @ 5pm for five weeks. Each workout has an RX and scaled version.

These workouts will serve as our Intramural Friday Night Lights competition Workout!

Friday Night Lights workouts will start at 5:00pm every Friday beginning this Friday 2/22.


Team scoring will be as follows:

+2 Point – Attendance: every member of a team that completes an Open workout during Friday Night Lights earns one point. One point will be awarded to team members who complete the Open workout at a  different time. Saturday mornings @ 10:00 will be a makeup option.

+1 Point – Top 2: every male AND female member who places among the Top 2 at ACF for each workout (RX and scaled) gets an extra point for their team.

+5 Points (team) – Spirit: The team with the most noise, pride and PRESENCE each week will receive 5 bonus points!

+2Points – Theme: 2 points for each member who dresses up in the theme for that week. Keep it simple and FUN!!

+1 Point: 1 point for every team member who PR’s a workout.

+5 BONUS points: final night 6th secret workout to be revealed on the final night!!


This FRIDAY 2/22 – 19.1 Beach Party – Margarita Madness kickoff. ACF will be mixing Margs for all to enjoy following the WOD. BYOB otherwise!

Friday 3/1 – 19.2 Hillbilly/ Country

Friday 3/8 – 19.3 Sports Jersey or PJ’s

Friday 3/15 – 19.4 Hippy

Friday 3/22 – 19.5 Superhero – POTLUCK & BBQ to follow our final workout of the Open Season.

The winning Team will receive cool swag and prizes AND have their winning banner hanging for all to see for 2019!!

Bring your family and friends to join in the Fun and cheer you on!!














ACF – February 14, 2019


Sumo Deadlift:

These do fire up the glutei quite a bit so make sure you are good and warm from the warm up and any build up/lead in sets for your working sets. Adjust weight as needed on each set since this may be a newer movement for you. Rest no less than 2 min and no more than 4 min between any set. Rep scheme has little fluctuation in it so don’t be surprised if the sets of 3 aren’t that much heavier than the sets of 5.

Push Press:

Same principles as the Sumo Deadlift but chances are you should have a better idea of what weight to use from previous experience. Adjust as needed and the goal should be no failed sets, but challenging and successful lifts across the board.

Arnold Press:

Adjust the loading as needed for each set but work to keep the loading similar across all sets. They should be to near failure but not too failure.

ACF – February 13, 2019



None of the OHS sets should be broken up into more than 2 sets to accomplish the work. Same for the deadlift in regards to weight but once you get into the thick of things here it may be more challenging and short sets may happen as you fatigue. Push the pace and be confident in getting back to either barbell to get moving. Adjust loading if needed to meet the goal time but keep the reps the same.

ACF – February 12, 2019



Simple workout that should allow you to keep a high pace with the low reps! The weight on the barbell should be moderately heavy but nothing that you can’t continually do singles with. For some of you touch and go may be the choice on the earlier rounds. Same can be said for the ring muscle up. Regardless, be smart with your pacing from the start and work to keep things consistent with a strong pace that you fight to hold onto.

ACF – February 11, 2019


Back Squat:

Heavy Back Squat to start things off for the day followed up with the EMOM. It’s only 15 min to find your heavy for the day and this is intended to start with and empty barbell. Don’t stress on finding a “PR” today but let it be what it is. Make jumps that make sense to you and even if you do this on the 2 min you will still have 7 sets of increasing weight which can allow for some heavy weight on the barbell.


The goal behind this is to get the heart rate up and get some good movement in but none of this is going to be too killer. You will need to stay on top of the pacing on the bike but the air squat and push up should allow for good, quality movement and you should have around :20 sec or more to rest before the start of the next min. If you don’t have a bike sub out a row for the same calories. Keep in mind this shouldn’t be too killer so if you need to back off on the reps to keep you moving please do.

ACF – February 8, 2019


3 Rounder:

The barbell weight should be something that you can do all reps unbroken while you are fresh but doing so on the workout would be more challenging and most likely broken up in some form or fashion. Goal is still to have you able to get the OHS done in more than 2 sets on any round. Adjust loading as needed in order to accomplish this. If you need to modify the strict HSPU start off with lower reps, then go to a banded option or even a “Z” press if needed. Clusters will most likely be in singles unless you like chewing on barbells.

ACF – February 7, 2019



Heavier barbell on deck today so adjust the loading if needed in order to keep good mechanics and avoiding too much rest between sets. The bike should be something that you pace for the barbell work on the first round but still don’t slack on it. Snatches can be power or squat. I would suggest starting out with power and if you need to go to squat due to fatigue that’s ok as well. Clean and Jerk should be something that you can continue to power clean and push the pace on that last bike! Adjust the loading as needed in order to meet the goal time domain. If you want, try loading your barbell so you can peel weight if needed in order to keep moving and maintain mechanics

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